how to sell art on Instagram

Our Services

In addition to providing an Art Gallery experience,

Art Rewards supports artists with marketing solutions that help them
clarify, structure, and accelerate their exposure on social media platforms.


  • expanding the result-driven social media strategy,

  • art direction,

  • consultancy,

  • creative paid media advertising,

  • and much more.

Over the years, We achieved sustainable growth with @artrewards.


We apply our knowledge and expertise to our clients - artists, brands, and influencers, that helped them to improve their visibility, increase their followers and engagement and use these achievements to their advantage.

What Artists Say

how to increase your followers on Instagram as an artist

The first chat with IYAD was very technique and looked deep into professional artists like me, I started it only a few months ago, but I said that the results are so good that I never stop this service.