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Ellie Sanchez-Galiano



Greetings, I am Ellie Sanchez-Galiano, a contemporary abstract artist with a penchant for bold colors, modern aesthetics, and understated sophistication. My work is driven by a passion for creating visual experiences that resonate with my audience on an emotional level.


Throughout my creative process, I push the boundaries of color and allow it to guide and inspire me. Vivid hues are the building blocks of my artistic language, evoking a range of emotions and inviting personal interpretation. My ultimate aim is to capture the essence of energy, movement, and joy through bold brushstrokes and thoughtful compositions..

oslo art gallery

I convey my artistry through simplicity and elegance, crafting visually striking compositions by distilling complex forms and ideas while omitting extraneous details. This approach allows the viewer's imagination to roam free, fostering a dialogue between the artwork and its audience.


Drawing on my engineering background, I merge technical precision with intuitive expression, taking meticulous care with each brushstroke to ensure they serve a purpose and contribute to the overall harmony of the piece.


My artistic ethos centers around creating connections with others. I strive to cultivate a shared experience through my art that transcends borders, beckoning viewers to contemplate the beauty and intricacy of the world around us. Art possesses the power to stir emotions, kindle curiosity, and spark personal reflection.

Join me on an exciting journey through a world of modern aesthetics, vibrant colors, and sophisticated simplicity. Delve into my creations and discover your own unique connection, experiencing the transformative power of art firsthand. Welcome to a realm where art is a gateway to endless inspiration and contemplation.

oslo art gallery

Ellie’s Vision


My personal and intellectual pursuits are centered on the quest for identity. Through the medium of painting, I strive to encourage viewers to examine their innermost selves and discover their true passions in life. My aim is to inspire them to take action and pursue those passions with determination and purpose.

Ellie’s Technique


I express bold ideas through the use of swirling brushstrokes and expressive tonal variations, cultivating a fiercely independent style through self-education.

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