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David Hathaway



oslo art gallery

David's career has been a diverse and rewarding journey that has led him to his current profession as a photographer. He specializes in fine art abstract, impressionistic, and conceptual work, drawing upon his extensive experience and education. After studying photography at Pratt Institute, David gained invaluable experience as a print technician and retoucher in New York City. He also explored the field of studio photography before moving to the finger lakes region to assist his family. During his time in Syracuse, NY, David freelanced at a multimedia production company and delved into computer graphics. He then returned to NYC, where he honed his skills in retouching, 3D rendering, and animation for high-end architectural lighting firms. Now, David has come full circle and is focusing on his true passion for photography. Through his art, he aims to capture the inherent beauty and fragility of the world around us. David's work is more than just pixels on a screen or paper; he uses techniques such as multiple exposures and long exposure to freeze moments in time and convey emotion. His goal is to evoke an emotional response from viewers and invite them to appreciate the beauty of the environment.

David's artistic style is predominantly classified as abstract impressionism, with a notable emphasis on integrating texture, movement, and light. This exceptional technique enables him to craft a fantastical ambiance in his artwork that captures the sentiments linked to the tangible world. His ultimate objective is to create visually striking and emotionally stirring works that possess enduring significance. David's professional accomplishments include his inaugural virtual exhibition at the Swiss Art Expo scheduled for September 2023. Looking ahead, he intends to exhibit his creations at the NY Art Expo in April 2024, where he will have his own display area.

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