Frequently Asked Questions

Joining & Process

How we search and select the artists?

Our curation team makes selections of artworks and constantly searching for unique pieces to add to our collection.
The Selection process is related to some criteria, including the quality of the work, the story behind it.

How we accept artists on Art Rewards?

Once an artist has submitted a join request, we review the artist website, social channels and browse his or her artwork.
If the artwork eligible to join, promote and sell on the art rewards platform and the official media channels, we will contact and discuss the partnership agreement.

If I join, am I still allowed to sell my art outside or on any other platforms?

Yes. You can. Currently, we do not require exclusivity. We consider Art Rewards as another channel for you to promote and sell your artwork.

what are the Fees?

Joining Art Rewards is FREE, and we do NOT charge listing fees or a membership fee.
We do yet charge a 30% commission upon the sale of an item through the Art Rewards site. If Any changes in our costs, we will notify you further.
We may choose to temporarily change the fees for our services for promotional materials or new services, and such changes are effective when we run a promotional needs or new service to add. When a sale happens on Art Rewards, artists will get their commission based on the exact sold price with U.S. Dollars; the official used currency on all transactions.

What if I sell my artwork I have listed outside of Art Rewards?

Artists must notify us of the sold artwork to modify the availability in our inventory as soon as possible.
To provide the best experience for art buyers.

Are my images protected? undownloadable

Yes. all upload images are watermarked and protected against downloading.

who will pay and hadle the shipping?

We cover from A to Z the shipping process, including the cost.

How many limited editions do we print and offer?

The minimum and standard are 50 pieces from every artwork to promote and sell worldwide.
less or more, please discuss with us

For more questions or any concerns, feel free to contact us , we are always happy to assist.