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Coco Sanne Hassink


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Coco Sanne Hassink, a Dutch artist, was born in 1990 in Hengelo Overijssel, The Netherlands. Her artistic creations, including paintings and drawings, are deeply influenced by her past and childhood traumas. She spends a considerable amount of time in her studio, fully immersing herself in the artistic process. According to Coco, artists possess the unique ability to externalize the knowledge of the unconscious inner eye. Her work is fascinated by the unconscious dream world, and the symbols and archetypes that are made visible through her art are of particular interest to her. Coco's art invites viewers to become more aware of the ever-present alienation in our lives.

Everyday enigmas veil concealed yearnings that ache to be expressed. The artist delves into the depths of her soul, striving to uncover the universal truths that give rise to her intuitive images. As she creates, the uncanny figures that emerge spontaneously possess a potent expressiveness. With each stroke of the brush, she delves deeper into the unknown, giving voice to her unconscious dream world. Her visual compass guides her, enabling her to paint before she fully comprehends what she has created. This interplay between intuition and understanding is the impetus behind her drawing and painting.




  • Atelier 'De Heemaf' group exhibition: Monumentendag
    Hengelo september 2021

  • Kunstnonstop/Heartpool group exhibition 'Onder de aandacht' Hengelo september/october 2021

  • Mollerwerf group exhibition Hengelo februari 2022

  • Mollerwerf group exhibition Hengelo april 2022

  • Art Brut Biënnale group exhibition Hengelo may 2022

  • Mollerwerf group exhibition Hengelo december 2022

  • Art Brut Biënnale group exhibition october 2023


  • Fine Art Painting Alumni. Bachelor of Art- Aki Artez
    Enschede (2017)



  • Maasja Ooms filming in the studio for a Dutch documentary
    Augustus 2023


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