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Christine Reimer


oslo art gallery

Christine is a lifelong resident of the beautiful British Columbia, located on Canada's majestic west coast. Her love for nature is reflected in her artwork, which is characterized by its vivid colors, textures, and forms. Her paintings are renowned for their bold use of color and dynamic brushwork, and her unique style has evolved to capture the essence of nature in innovative ways. Christine's artistic journey began at the University of Victoria in the mid-1970s, where she earned a BFA in Visual Arts. Since then, she has established herself as a professional artist, showcasing her work in over 40 solo exhibitions and earning a reputation as one of North America's premier landscape painters.


Her paintings, which are highly sought after, can be found in private and corporate collections across the continent. In the early 2000s, Christine's status in the field of modern landscape art was solidified with representation at prestigious galleries in Canada and the United States. In 2014, she took a daring step into a new genre, abstract expressionism, to explore new creative avenues and challenge herself in new ways. This speaks volumes about Christine's art and her way of life, as her new pieces offer deeply personal interpretations of the natural world and our place within it.

Christine Reimer, Artist Statement


I have always considered painting a discrete language, not of words but of perception or feeling. Paintings possess the unique qualities of the artist, but the nuances of meaning are open to interpretation by the viewer. Sharing my love of vibrant colour and expressive brushwork has been a joyful pursuit, and I am proud of the rich and diverse body of work I’ve created over the years.


But in art, as in life, there are no boundaries to learning and growth. My work underwent a significant change a few years when I shifted from a Fauvist style of landscape painting to Abstract Expressionism, a style I had always wanted to explore. Representational images have mostly disappeared in my recent work, however my use of colour and energetic brushwork remain. I occasionally revisit landscape but from a metaphoric perspective, focussing on the details and subtleties rather than the specific location.


My creative work continues to be influenced by the fragile attributes of nature and its precarious relationship with humanity. Its beauty leaves me in awe, instilling a visceral and organic symbolism in the abstract paintings. Like music, some pieces resonate more than others depending on what associations the viewer brings to the visual experience. Subtle gestures, mark-making and colour shifts may stimulate the viewer’s personal sensibilities. And just as a language can be acquired through interaction, so too, can the ability to perceive the mood, or subtext, of an abstract painting.

oslo art gallery

“My art has become more reflective in recent years and I have found that my paintings are often metaphors for life experiences. Nature continues to dominate my creative vocabulary, utilizing a language of mark making and colour as a vehicle of expression. The imperfections of nature are what I find beautiful and wish to interpret. Music brings an ebb and flow to my creative process and punctuates the form.”




  • Gallery at Chemainus Theatre, (Chemainus BC 2022)

  • Main Gallery at Cedar Hill (Victoria) 2014, 17, 19, 2022

  • Eclectic Gallery, Oak Bay, 2010,12,16

  • Gallery Fraga (Bainbridge Is, WA) 2007

  • Kensington Gallery (Calgary, AB) 90, 92, 98, 01, 03, 05

  • Arts Centre Gallery (Victoria, BC) 98, 00, 03, 05

  • Winchester Gallery (Victoria, BC) 1994

  • Nunavut Gallery (Oak Bay, BC) 91, 92

  • North Park Gallery (Victoria, BC) 1989

  • Tutt Galleries (Kelowna, BC) 1997,99,01,06,08,13

  • Main Street Gallery (Sidney, BC) 06, 07, 08

  • Gallery at Sooke Harbour House 99, 06,07, 08, 09, 10

  • Brentwood Bay Lodge (Victoria, BC) 2004

  • Art Gallery of Greater Victoria (Art Rental) 87,95

  • Hambleton Galleries (Kelowna, BC) 1995

  • Shepard Gallery (Whistler, BC) 1993

  • University of Victoria (Maltwood Gallery) 1988


  • Victoria College of Art, 1981

  • Diploma in Education (Secondary Art), University of Victoria, 1979

  • Bachelor of Fine Arts (Visual Arts), University of Victoria, 1977



  • New Masters Gallery (Carmel CA)

  • Vancouver Fine Art Gallery (Vancouver BC)

  • Singulart Online Art Gallery (Paris, France)

  • Public Art Gallery Rental Programs of: Victoria BC


  • Sidney Fine Arts Juried Fine Arts Show, 2019

  • Muse Winery, “Fine Wine, Fine Art, August 2010

  • BC Women,VAC Gallery 2009

  • UVIC Visual Arts Alumni Exhibit 2002

  • Sooke Juried Art Show 1986 to 94

  • Art Asia, Hong Kong, 1993

  • Robson Square Juried Art Show (Vancouver, BC) 1990

  • Lisa Harris Gallery (Seattle, Washington) 1989

  • "Landscapes" North Park Gallery (Victoria, BC) 1988


Her works are currently being held in corporate and private collections throughout Canada, the United States, and internationally.

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