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Chelsea Nicole


oslo art gallery

Chelsea Nicole was born and raised in New York, surrounded by art and creativity from a young age due to her family's influence. Although fine arts was her first love, she decided to pursue graphic design, obtaining a BFA from St. John's University. Studying graphic design has made her a well-rounded artist, sharpening her skills and making her versatile in producing her work.


Chelsea's journey as an artist has been fruitful, marked with countless accomplishments that have given her an unwavering sense of purpose and fulfillment. One of her greatest moments was when she received an invitation to showcase her work at The Museum of Modern Art, which made her realize that her passion for art could indeed be turned into a fulfilling career. During her career, she has been recognized with numerous awards and featured in reputable magazines like The Official Black Magazine and Fleek Magazine. This exposure has opened up her art to a wider audience and helped her make new connections within the art industry.

Her Style


Chelsea is a skilled artist who specializes in creating portraits that are intricately detailed and convey a specific message. Her artwork is a representation of the emergence of growth, transition, and self-realization. Chelsea has a remarkable ability to capture the slightest nuances of expressions and the interplay of light on the skin, which imbues her portraits with a sense of realism and depth. To provide a contrast to the realistic portrayal of the subject, Chelsea employs a range of textures in the background of her portraits. Some areas are smooth and blended, while others have a rougher, more tactile feel. She uses a variety of colors and techniques to create a sense of depth and movement in the background, giving the impression that it is almost alive. Chelsea's unique style and approach to art make her a valuable asset to any project.

oslo art gallery

Chelsea regularly showcases her artwork domestically and internationally, leveraging multiple platforms to inspire her creative process. She is strongly focused on producing and sharing her works with audiences in various shows, both within the United States and abroad. The versatility of her exhibitions has motivated her to continue producing exceptional works of art, allowing her to reach an ever-growing audience.

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