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In addition to providing an online Art store experience and fulfilment management to ease the process

Art Rewards offers all the professional artists, photographers, influencers, and brands with marketing and branding solutions to help clarify, structure, and accelerate their exposure on social media platforms, such as Instagram, Facebook, etc.


As they said: If you are the best artist, but few only know,

what is the Art value?

Now to be or to spend on the social media platforms are already expired questions. People use social media as a first step to verify about you before any further actions. 
Your social media presence reveals your reliability, integrity and value.

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Art Rewards is a Norway/Germany/UAE-based social media agency that helps professional artists, influencers, and brands across multiple industries with different perspectives of their social media marketing strategy, 

By expanding the result-driven social strategy, art direction, consultancy,  creative & production services, community management, paid social advertising, influencer marketing, and much more. 

Art Rewards's team aims to provide clients with a carefully organised and constructive social media marketing strategy that will increase the brand value, qualified traffic, engagement and precisely give the audience what they need to help them accelerate the business growth and reach their goals.

Whatever your business is, we can promote itWe'll go with you through all the steps you need to build a correct and solid social media presence.

What We Offer

Social Media

Social Media

Creative, Content

Social Media

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best social media company

Social Media


A complete, correct analysis for your current status will determine the best social media channels to focus on and the competitors to build the correct marketing strategy


Social Media Advertising

Artists, brands, and influencers struggle against the algorithms.

The vast competitions as organic reach continue to decline on social media platforms, especially Instagram, which is the leading platform for luxury, creativity, and art.

And nearly required to spend on ads to improve their awareness and engagement these days.

Art Rewards' social media advertising service helps the artists, brands, influencers to reach the correct audiences with the right story behind, at lower costs.

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Audience Targeting

Social media advertising gives you the absolute control to target your correct audience based on location, demographics, interests, hobbies and behaviours types.

best branding an markting company

Excellent Reach

 Social media advertising is the fastest way to reach potential customers even with no engagement history with your brand but are interested in your art, service or product, helping boost your brand where primary content doesn’t go.

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Brand Awareness

As your content will appear in user’s feeds with no algorithms involved, your ideal customers will start to memorise and engage with your brand, allowing you to increase brand credibility among your target audience.

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Qualified Traffic

Social media advertising is the best solution to drive high-quality traffic to your website, making it easier for you to generate qualified leads, conversions and increase sales.

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Creative, Content Creation

​As they say: people look backwards and hope, genius looks forward and create, but to create is the proof of most excellent behaviour.


Content Strategy

To Create

Art Rewards consult with the clients to understand their goals and create an attractive content strategy to help them share and tell their story to their audience. 
Furthermore, it provides Consistent analytics to identify more significant strategy adjustments to make it successful.

Creative Story

To Share

Creating an enlightening eye-catchy Storyboard/ Moodboard for Facebook, Instagram, youtube, etc., then improving, developing ideas to meet the overall plan for inspiring the potential customers.

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Social Media Traning

If you’re trying to increase your knowledge of social media marketing, our social media training could be an excellent opportunity. We’ll share our methods, expertise and point you to the best tools you need to improve your social media presence. 

We accumulated extensive experience over years of managing social media channels for almost all industries, and it gives us the privilege to tell easily what works and what doesn’t.

Moreover, we can point mistakes and guide how to correct them quickly.

The social media training can cover a range of topics. Starting from the basics to the advanced social media marketing technics. 
The Training can be provided remotely or physically depending on the location and the needs.


Social Media Managment


You'll learn how to choose the best social media platforms for your business concept and make the most out of them by covering all the essential elements, from the best times to post to the advice of use about every platform. 
After the training,  you will be ready to manage social media platforms by yourself successfully.

Instagram Traning


Instagram can be a favourite platform for branding, marketing and sales for particular niches, mainly art, beauty, fashion and luxury. 
Suppose you're an artist, influencer, or an owner for a business related to lifestyle. In that case, Instagram marketing is an excellent opportunity for reaching the correct audience. 

This program will show you all the Instagram secrets, get followers using Instagram ads, analyze the best hashtags for your account, and the common mistakes you should avoid. 
To make sure you're getting the most out of the platform.

Facebook Traning


Facebook is the largest and ideal platform for building a social community around the brand, and it offers limitless features and tools which will help you reach faster, generate leads and convert sales.

On this program, you will discover all the powerful Facebook features you need to implement for your business,
starting from creating a page, pixel use, the custom events, effective ads creation, marketing and retargeting strategies 

What People Say

And Many Others!

in the beginning, I wasn’t sure, but I said I would give it a try. So it is what it is - The last few months, my Instagram is 24/7 on track with the ads, I am gaining every single day more and more traffic on my account...Gracias! IYAD

I’ve been consulted and mentored by IYAD. With his knowledge and guidance, he has helped me increase my social media reach by 1400%. Just by getting into the dept of how the marketing business works at the different social media platforms—Times, audience, hashtags, when, what, how - and so forth. I am truly grateful. Thor

The first chat with IYAD was very technique and looked deep into professional artists like me, I started it only a few months ago, but I said that the results are so good that never stop this service.