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Betsey Ervin is a versatile artist from Chapel Hill, North Carolina, whose creative journey has been as diverse as her artwork. She started her career in Elementary Education as a teacher and administrator, but during her time at home with her children, she became interested in art. Betsey drew inspiration from the renowned quilters of Gee’s Bend and began creating works that were rich in color, texture, and story, showcasing her innate artistic abilities. Eventually, she discovered a passion for sculptural jewelry and started crafting pieces using silversmithing techniques that reflected her evolving artistic style. Most recently,


Betsey has delved into abstract painting, which allows her to better express her emotions and life experiences. Being a self-taught artist, she is driven by discipline and a compelling desire to use art as a tool for processing life's complexities. Her art is deeply influenced by her time abroad in Tokyo, Barcelona, and just outside of London. The influence of different cultures, landscapes, and aesthetics is evident in her creations, adding a unique global feel to her work. Betsey Ervin's art reflects her life's experiences, emotions, and the diverse cultures that have shaped her. She currently lives in Charlotte, North Carolina, with her husband and dogs.

She creates abstract paintings that express emotion, texture, and process. She is inspired by cities and landscapes and uses beautiful colors to show how complex human experiences can be. Her creative process is intuitive, allowing the painting to develop naturally as she responds emotionally to the canvas. This spontaneity is clear in the energy and movement of her work, where colors mix to create depth, texture, and rhythm.


Ervin's paintings are influenced by the urban landscape and show the harmony and chaos of city life through the interplay of color and form. Her work also captures the essence of changing seasons, shifting skies, and the quiet beauty of untouched landscapes. Through her art, Ervin invites viewers to explore the depths of human emotion. Every brushstroke is a testament to her belief that art has the power to transform how you feel. Her paintings are universal, inviting people from different cultures and backgrounds to experience the world through her eyes. Join Ervin on this journey of exploration and discovery, and let her art evoke emotions, stimulate thought, and speak to you in a language that transcends boundaries.

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