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Baiba Rēdere 






As an artist, painting is my chosen medium for expressing a part of my soul that cannot be captured through words alone. It's a meditative process that allows me to delve deep into my inner self and create something that feels impossible. Each brushstroke transforms me and brings me joy in self-expression.


My style of painting is intuitive, with no set agenda for the viewer to follow. Through the use of layers, I create an abstract world characterized by transparency, lightness, fluidity, and gentle expression. This approach allows me to create a multi-layered world of characters and emotions, with a keen sense of movement and energy.


Those who view my work often describe it as vibrating, charging, and fulfilling. My paintings are expansive in their use of space, color, and meaning. They form a cohesive whole that draws viewers in deeper and deeper.


I work with oil and mixed media on canvas, and my earlier works were compositionally dense and colorful. Over time, I have refined my approach to focus on spatiality and the use of media that best express my inner feelings. I prefer working on large formats, as they remind me that infinity always looks incomplete.


As an artist, I am continually searching for new ways to explore my inner self and avoid stagnation. Each new investigation brings me closer to finding freedom and the ability to truly live and breathe.


Baiba Rēdere is an accomplished painter from Latvia, located in northern Europe. She has earned both a bachelor's degree in textile art and a master's degree in painting from the esteemed Art Academy of Latvia, where she graduated in 2008.


Baiba's area of expertise is abstract painting, specifically utilizing oil technique. She has honed her craft by blending her own personal technique with oil technique, resulting in a style that is uniquely her own. Her paintings are characterized by rich, multi-layered colors that evoke feelings of tranquility, sensuality, and a textured quality. Her artwork not only provides visual delight, but also creates a dynamic sensory experience.


Baiba's paintings are known for emitting a special and mysterious light, thanks to her use of expressive, transparent, and light liquid oil colors.

Baiba's art is inspired by her spiritual journey and passion for music. Her pieces are characterized by abstract and philosophical themes that explore the human journey of self-discovery. Through her art, she encourages individuals to embrace the unknown, open up to new experiences, and strive for harmony and love. 


Baiba's paintings depict the intricate relationship between humanity and the universe, both on a macro and micro level. Her artwork portrays the universe as a continuous flow of love and growth, while the miniature figures in her paintings represent astral travelers, reminiscent of the little prince story. 


Baiba's art inspires individuals to connect with their inner worlds and trust their intuition and creativity. Her paintings encourage viewers to appreciate the undefined beauty of life and challenge preconceived notions and templates. Her artwork is known for evoking diverse emotions and surprises, inviting viewers to engage in an ongoing conversation with the pieces. It appeals to art lovers of all ages, sparking creative ideas and driving self-development.



Baiba is an extremely creative and experimental individual who has a deep passion for painting. Her work is distinguished by its richness, subtlety, sensitivity, and sophistication, and it is constantly evolving as she continues to develop her unique painting language. Painting is a source of joy, meditation, and self-realization for Baiba. 


From 2002 onward, Baiba has been participating in exhibitions, including multiple solo shows beginning in 2005. Her artwork has also been featured in group exhibitions in Latvia, the USA, and Belgium. In addition, Baiba's paintings can be found in private collections around the world, including in the USA, Norway, Germany, Spain, New Zealand, Estonia, and Latvia.




  •  2022 January “ REVELATIONS”  KC IMANTA Art gallery, Riga

  •  2020 December “ THE GLISTENING ALL….”  KC IMANTA Art gallery, Riga

  •  2020 October “ON THE COMET’S TAIL “ BMMS school Art gallery, Riga


  •  2018 September/ October „HIGH TIDE AND LOW TIDE“  MMG gallery Livani, Latvia

  •  2018 March/ April „ THERE = HERE / IN THE DISTANCE = CLOSE BY“ Liepaja Latvians Society House, Latvia

  •  2018 February/ March „ THERE = HERE / IN THE DISTANCE = CLOSE BY“ Jurmala City Museum, Latvia

  •  2017 April „TO BE IN FLOW..“ paintings and art in fashion WOOCOON, M ART gallery, Riga;

  •  2012 April "ALCHEMIE " paintings, Kalnciema Quarter art house, Riga;

  •  2010 March ".... BREATHE IN....BREATHE OUT...." paintings,  art gallery Asūna , Riga;

  •  2008 August "BEYOND THE VISIBLE", paintings, art gallery BonhanS.S, Riga;

  •  2005 December "MAPPA MUNDI", textile art, the Mentzendorff‘s House, Riga;

  •  2005 October "MAPPA MUNDI Fragments", textile art, art gallery Apsīda, Riga.

  •  April 2012: “ALCHEMY”, Kalnciema Quarter Art House, Riga.

  •  March 2010: “BREATHE IN... BREATHE OUT”, Gallery “Asūna”, Rīga;

  •  August 2008: “BEYOND THE VISIBLE”, Gallery “Bonhans.S”, Riga;

  •  December 2005: “MAPPA MUNDI” Mentzendorff’s House, Riga;

  •  October 2005: “MAPPA MUNDI Fragments” Gallery “Apsīda”, Riga.


  • 2006–2008: Master of Art, Multi-visual Art Painting Master Workshop, Art Academy of Latvia

  • 2001–2005: Bachelor of Art, Textile Art Department, Art Academy of Latvia

  • 1992–1996: Clothing Design Department, Riga College of Applied Arts (now known as Riga Design and Art College)

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