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Babar Moghal


oslo art gallery

I am an artist based in Karachi, having graduated from the Karachi School of Arts in 1993. My professional background includes working as a graphic designer during the day while dedicating my evenings to painting. After gaining experience in the design field, I established my own design and fine arts studio. With almost three decades of experience, I have earned a reputation as a visual artist of note.

In my creative process, I have found that working intuitively yields the best results. I limit planning to a central object, often in the form of a thumbnail sketch of a figure, building or vehicle, and build a world around it. This approach is akin to an emotionally charged performance, with the blank canvas serving as a thrilling sight, with endless possibilities. I execute my art by drawing and painting directly on canvas, a risky method that may result in an entire day's work being destroyed in minutes. Nonetheless, art practice provides a space for freedom of movement without fear or anxiety and an exit when necessary.

In my view, art and music, to a certain extent, need to speak on their own terms without any conceptual framework. Visual art and music are forms of language with actual tangible, visual, or audible content, indicating rather than stating.


According to Joseph Campbell, a symbol displays a double aspect, and we must distinguish between the "sense" and the "meaning" of the symbol. It is evident that all the great and little symbolical systems of the past functioned simultaneously on three levels: the corporeal of waking consciousness, the spiritual of dreams, and the ineffable of the absolutely unknowable. The term "meaning" can refer only to the first two, but these are now the domain of science, which deals with signs, not symbols. The ineffable, the absolutely unknowable, can only be sensed, and this is the province of art, which is not merely an expression but, primarily, a quest for and formulation of experience that evokes energy-waking images, yielding what Sir Herbert Read aptly termed a "sensuous apprehension of being."


  • Truck Art - Art caravan – 1994 Karachi

  • Zenaini Art gallery – 2000 Karachi

  • Kara Art festival, Alliance francaise – 2001 Karachi

  • Takhti exhibition for Zahoor ul Ikhlaque, Sadequin art gallery – 2001 Karachi

  • Kara Art festival, Alliance francaise – 2002 Karachi

  • Roll Call VM art gallery – 2002 Karachi

  • Canvas Art gallery – 2003 Karachi

  • Zenaini art gallery – 2004 Karachi

  • Gallery 6 – 2010 Islamabad

  • Poppy Seeds – 2010 Karachi

  • ArtChowk - 2012 Karachi

  • Unicorn Gallery - 2012 Karachi

  • Artciti Gallery - 2014 Karachi

  • Alliance Francaise - Karachi 2014

  • Roll Call 2014 VM Art Gallery - Karachi

  • Gallery 6 - Islamabad 2014

  • Full circle art gallery – Karachi 2015

  • My Art World - Islamabad 2015

  • My Art World - Islamabad 2016

  • Full Circle Gallery - Karachi 2017

  • Full Circle Gallery - Karachi 2018

  • Full Circle Gallery - Karachi 2022

  • Artchowk Gallery - Karachi 2023

  • Artsoch Gallery 2023 - Lahore

  • ArtEscape Gallery 2023 - Islamabad


  • 1996 VM art Karachi

  • 2005 Zenaini Karachi

  • 2009 VM art Karachi

  • 2011 Farar Art (T2F) Karachi

  • 2012 VM art Karachi

  • 2017 Full Circle Gallery Karachi

  • 2022 Full Circle Gallery Karachi



  • Album artwork for Blessings of Amurdad by DAKHMA

  • Album artwork for A Dialogue With The Eeriest Sublime by VERTEBRA ATLANTIS

From 2017 to 2022 curated various shows at Full Circle Art gallery Karachi.

  • Art show based on Animal Farm by George Orwell 2020

  • Art show based on Modern Cults by Holy Gram- 2022

  •  Art show based on Biomechanic by Frontline Assembly at Art Chowk Gallery Karachi 2023

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