Joining Art Rewards

Dear artists,

We would like to explain you know how the promotion of your art work with ArtRewards is working.

You will send us the images of at least 6 of your art works we choose to sell for you and grant us exclusive rights for six months. Should we not have sold your art work by then, you can decide to extend the duration of the exclusive rights or terminate this agreement for the concerned art work.


The exclusive rights means also that if you sell the concerned art work through other channels, ArtRewards is still entitled to the comission. Therefore we recommend you to remove these pieces from any other selling art platform, such as Saatchi art, Singulart, etc.

If a piece is sold with ArtRewards you will send it to Germany  (at our cost) safely wrapped and packed, together with a certificate of authenticity.
We then handle the shipping from Germany to the buyers all over the world (at our cost).

For our services  we charge 40% commission on the sales price. We first receive the total sales price from the buyer and will pay your 60% 15 days after we received the artwork in Germany.

Please let us know if you have any questions regarding the process with ArtRewards.

For more questions or any concerns, feel free to contact us , we are always happy to assist.