Art Hashtags

Choosing related art hashtags that match your art style and engagement level is the first crucial step in branding yourself as an artist on Instagram.

It will help you to reach the correct audience and guide them to your profile. However, using only popular and common art hashtags is not an advantage!
Without combining the correct art hashtags based on their level and traffic, it might waste time and opportunities.

Each artist is different, as is the same art audience.

 Everyone has a personal taste in art.

How to choose?

When it comes to selecting the correct art hashtags, you might as an artist consider three essential elements:


The Central Art Analysis

Art is complex and multifaceted, and every art type has its unique keywords to describe it correctly for its art followers, collectors and audience.

Let us assume, for example, that you are an abstract artist. If you search for the abstract art hashtags, you will find 120+ different levels of abstract art hashtags and 500+ art hashtags related to art in general.

But, to get the best results, it is vital to use the right hashtags with the right strategy.

The right strategy is creating and randomizeing the targeted art hashtags for every new post; This does not just increase the links and pointers to your art account, but it will also protect your account from being (shadowbaned)

​This is the practice of blocking or partially blocking a user or their content from
an online community so that it will not be readily apparent to the user that they
have been banned

This happens mainly if the same art hashtags set with every post is repetitively used and if using banned art
hashtags without realizing it. It will disable the listing posts at any art hashtags,
meaning you will get less reach and exposure - a risk you cannot afford.


The Technical Analyses

The engagement rate is calculated by the number of art followers and their interaction with the posts (likes and comments), determining the correct targeted art hashtags to use. The Art hashtags on Instagram are used in three ways; To maximize the reach, you must combine the three levels correctly.


The Worst Scenario is to use only the public famous art hashtags - as 80% of artists on Instagram do.

In reality, these famous hashtags server ONLY accounts with an excellent engagement rate,( 20% or more).


A smaller engagement rate requires a different strategy and advanced technical
analysis to find the best art hashtags that match the engagement level.


The Branded Art Hashtags

We mentioned earlier the correct username on Instagram and how this is something important for artists. It is recommended to use your full name as a username on Instagram; However, in many cases, it will not be anymore, 

In this case, we recommend you to try to include your artistic style with your
full name somehow, without dots or underscores. Combine them and keep testing what is available. This might seem tedious, but is worth it in the long run.


As an artist, your name is the brand. The art followers and collectors memorize and recognize the artists based on their titles before their art style.

The next step is creating your branded art hashtag. This should be similar to your username.

It is all about simplicity. But is it simple!?

The branded art hashtag is a simple hack for artists but an essential tool for art galleries on Instagram. In addition, it will increase the username ranking on Instagram and Google (or other search engines), meaning more opportunities to attract art followers or collectors.

What Users Say

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best abstract art hashtags for artists

I found The Exclusive Art Hashtags program super powerful. As I started to use it, I increase my interactions with followers and new people effortlessly and fluidly. It is so simple to use and allowed me to relax more in creating text than trying to find the proper # for my posts and adds because it creates a new functioning # each time by itself. Very recommended


Exclusive Art Hashtags

The best art hashtags generator designed mainly for professional artists over years of experience and research

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Is it an app that I can download it to my mobile?

The exclusive art hashtags generator is not a mobile app and it is a website application. Fortunately, most website applications can easily add to the mobiles home screens, which provide direct shortcut access. Art Hashtags

Should I copy the results and add it to the caption?

It is totally up to you. We recommend that you copy the hashtags with the five dots and place them as a comment under the post. It will provide you with a much cleaner feed.

Can I use my exclusive art hashtags program for other accounts?

It is not recommended because all the listed art hashtags are based on the analyses of your original art account; that's why it is called an exclusive hashtag. If you want to use the program for other art accounts, we recommend that you instead re-sign up again for every new art profile.

How can I cancel my subscription and my profile from the program?

  • Very simple - if you had chosen the PayPal method, you can log in to your PayPal account and cancel it from your approved payments.
  • f you chose the card payment method, all you need is to send us an email along with your full name and Instagram username, and your subscription will be cancelled within a maximum of 24 hours.

Do I get many likes from those art hashtags?

Possibly, but the central concept is not only to increase likes.
If that is the only purpose, then this is not the correct approche,
The exclusive art hashtags designed to randomize the best hashtags that match your profile, including the your branded username hashtag and assure that you don't use the same art hashtags always on the same arrangement. To avoid the shadowban.and to save your time of randomaizing and searching.

What if I change my Instagram username - how can I update it on the program?

If you changed your username, you cannot update it manually. You need to contact us, requesting to update the username of the branded art hashtag. Please mention your full name, old username, and the new username. This might take up to 24 hours to update.

For more questions related to the exclusive art hashtags program, feel free to contact us