How to Sell Art on Instagram?

Updated: Jul 19

Many artists recognized the power of Instagram when it comes to promoting and selling their art.

However, most of them still do not know that the art selling principles and points have not changed from the industrial age,

including some other luxury businesses.

Everything is the same, except; it became more challenging for artists who lack information on how to promote and sell their art in the digital market and social media platforms, such as Instagram.

when it comes to art areas:

painting, mixing colors, extracting ideas and formulate it on a pattern is an art,

thinking, planning, marketing, and how to sell is art too

The methodologies and values are hugely different, but both are artists who need creativity, special skills, and determination to succeed.

The Art Galleries

In the early days, artists were supposed to reach the galleries to get permission to display their artwork for a chance to sell.

If we take an in-depth look into the past system, we can tell that the galleries back days were entirely responsible for the artist to achieve success.

They used to do the heavy work of marketing on behalf of the artist.

Access to capital and contacts was the power key of the galleries.

Moreover, All artists have to do is focusing on improving their art techniques, not worrying or learning about promoting methods or attracting buyers.

The splitting job's responsibilities between artists and galleries created a win-win scenario for both and led some artists to achieve a high level of success in those days.

That is how some artists like Picasso, Claude Monet, and many others did reach wealth during life, not after death,

In the 1990s, the internet and The online world changed everyone's approach, including the artists and galleries.

Some galleries assumed that they should take action, and it should be fast, so they started to list all their business and transfer the offline gallery into online, to catch the big move or otherwise, they will be left behind.

The online world transaction has opened new opportunities for artists and galleries to expand their awareness and business.

Everything was the same; from the marketing and selling perspective, galleries are subject to everything.

but when the social media approached, everything became upside down,

the artist is now responsible for everything, improving his art, learning from A to Z how to promote and sell himself online.

Selling Art on Instagram

Let us take the trendy topic about selling art

on Instagram, for example,

Today, an artist must admit that Instagram is the most significant platform to sell art. regardless of how.

The presence is essential; every artist should have an Instagram account, even if they do not know how to use it yet.

However, in order, the artists will be able to start selling on Instagram. They must understand the basics of sales psychology, which, unfortunately, many they do not know.

People usually buy from someone they know, like, and trust.

So they buy based on emotions and justify by logic.

It sounds complicated and straightforward at the same time, but how the artists can apply it to sell their art on Instagram.

The Art price

Art is a luxury. It is the most luxurious subject to sell or to buy because it considered an indoor item, which means it has no public audience to appreciate, once its sold, it means that the buyer decided to spend an amount for something to appreciate alone, unlike buying Louis Vuitton handbag and going to the public.

Another example,

Rolex chose word success as a selling point.

It means it is a high-end product designed only for a specific group of people who reach financial success in their life, and Rolex comes as a reward for the success they deserve.

But this is not the case with selling art,

in order to sell the artwork, it should deeply touch the buyer's emotions to justify its price and the rewards on their mind,

To smooth the process

The first step:

Is creating a professional and elegant website with a unique artistic content describing the story behind the art journey, then adding the website link on Instagram bio, will hugely position the artists as professionals, serious and confident about their artwork value.

Besides, the website interface and design must reflect in somehow the art worth.

The second step:

Before the artists, consider jumping into the pushing sales process and spending on sales campaigns rather than marketing campaigns, on Instagram or Facebook ads.

Maybe they should forget about the sales, especially in the early stages.

Its somehow like someone trying to join a university without a high school degree.

Instead, they should do some researches about the Instagram platform, how it operates

to understand the basics.

Instagram looks very simple to use from the large picture, and that why it succeeded to became one of the best social platforms for individuals and businesses so far, based on the simplicity of the use.

However, simplicity also means extreme competition between users.

If every user operating the same on Instagram, then who is the expert?

To outstand the competition, artists must learn and develop their knowledge much farther than the basics uses of Instagram.

Then writing a clear plan for their Instagram account, and outlining all the crucial elements, it must be followed daily to success on Instagram as an artist, starting from choosing a decent username, best art hashtags to use on the beginning til the best time to post art on Instagram.

Finally, and most importantly, every artist should be positioned on Instagram as an art influencer.

Posting only the artwork on Instagram will slow the growth process for the long term, the most successful artists on Instagram, whom they position themself with their artwork. Moreover, they share their daily life activities with their art audiences and engage with them.

Remember that the Instagram idea built on socializing and sharing, not as a market place.

As we mentioned earlier, people buy from someone they know, like, and trust.