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Any artist is welcome to submit his artwork for the evaluation process. Once the artist's artwork is accepted to join Art Rewards' unique collection, it will be permanently displayed. This means that any new artwork from the featured artists will add automatically on the Art Rewards Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook pages.

To evaluate your account as an artist, please send us an email with your username and describe why you think you should join Art Rewards.

Elise Eekhout

Professional Artist

Before entering the professional artworld, Elise Eekhout has been a successful graphic designer for over 20 years. She started her own graphic design company whilst studying at St. Joost Art School (Breda, The Netherlands). Letters and texts have always been a source of inspiration and wonder for her. Eekhout combines this fascination of letters and texts with the images she creates in her paintings. She creates an alternative universe without boundaries. She wants you to experience the freedom of your own fantasy and imagination by entering this dreamworld through her paintings. Stories inspire Elise to use parts of the (Dutch) texts in her paintings with sheet metal. The atmosphere and appearance of the artworks are strongly influenced by the incidence of (sun) light.

Peter Zelei

Art Direction, Retouching, Digital Photography

Peter Zelei is a Hungarian photographer who specializes in portraits, conceptual imagery, landscapes, and also photo manipulations.

From his use of color and surreality, he creates a reality found only in his imagination, but with an emotion that is undeniably human. He explores the divide between darkness and light, unafraid to explore themes that others
may find uncomfortable.

Etienne Outram

Photography and Digital Art

Etienne Outram is a passionate self-taught photographer with a strong love for wildlife and conservation. He would rather refer to himself as a Visual artist. Etienne had a strong interest in photography from a very young age. He studied nature conservation and currently resides in South Africa. He is always open to something new and exciting! His work has been used around the world. He enjoys looking at the finer details to make sure that the art he puts out is to his satisfaction.

Murat Yıldırım

Art Director

I am a graduate of Fine Arts Faculty Painting and an Istanbul based art director. After painting traditionally for a long time, I started to apply all my painting, technical and artistic knowledge in a digital sense, foreseeing that modern art has become digital. Previously, I was producing digital painting works that are technically closest to the traditional. I have been working on CGI and 3D pictorial concept works for the last 2 years. I really enjoy doing this because I can say it's the only way that emotionally turns my imagination into reality. I generally aim to use metaphors that I feel and aim to raise awareness in people, far from popular anxiety. Therefore, I can clearly state that I am very influenced by classical and modern art. The reality of classical art and the idea of modern art are always a guide for me while producing. The rearing of work in modern art often depends on the idea, not the application. In digital art, we can usually see examples of this, but in my works, apart from the mere idea, I put all these on a ground that is based on reality and leave the main idea to the viewer's interpretation.


Luca Brandi

Professional Abstract Artist

Luca Brandi was born in Florence in 1961. From the age of ten, he helped the master Romolo Prati, in Florence, in making great religious representations on panels for the sacristies of churches; he learns the frame on the panel and the layering of the painting in the preparation of the funds for the great works.

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