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Assisting artists in how to represent their artwork professionally at social media platforms and famous online galleries.



Using the targeted art hashtags based on your engagement level and the art style, will help your account get discovered by the relevant art collectors.



Growing the Instagram account with a real audience is an excellent long-term investment for any business, including art nowadays.

It might be necessary for you as an artist to consider the art that a business model requires a fixed monthly marketing budget to increase the traffic and visitors.

Otherwise, random activists will lead to random results.

By driving high-quality traffic, it will help and increase professional artists' potentials and opportunities to get discovered by art collectors.

In reality, running Instagram ads without a precisely targeted list of audiences or reliable experience in optimizing all the essential elements of the ad creation could be super expensive comparing with oncoming results.

The recommended monthly budget is  350$ to start with.

This option will include  

  1. analyzing the account structure, website, and other related links to the account, then guiding and correcting all the elements it needs to position the profile in a factual professional representation for the visitors.

  2. Discussing the most desirable artwork to use and promoting on Instagram or Facebook can reach the maximum targeted art followers and collectors with the lowest cost possible.

  3. Scaling the campaign daily to improve the results and reduce the cost of the actions and the conversions.

What Artists say

best fine art hashtags on Instagram

“ in the beginning, I wasn’t sure, but I said I would give it a try. So it is what it is - The last few months, my insta is 24/7 on track with the ads, I am gaining every single day more and more traffic on my account...“ Gracias! iyad

—  Rafaella Christoforou, Artist


how to sell fine art on Instagram

The first chat with IYAD was very technique and looked deep into professional artists like me, I started it only a few months ago, but I said that the results are so good never to stop this service.

—  Luca Brandi, 

     Abstract Artist


abstract art hashtags on instagram

I am happy to have had the opportunity to get in touch with Artewards.

Iyad immediately demonstrated a great availability, seriousness and honesty that are difficult to find in other people. I would recommend this service to anyone looking for concrete help in this moment where the world is in full change and in which the mastery and quality of social media play a fundamental role in the artistic career.

—  Leopoldo Innocenti, 

     Expressionsem Artist


promote your Instagram account

I’ve been consulted and mentored by IYAD for about eight months. With his knowledge and guidance, he has helped me increase my social media reach by 1400%. Just by getting into the dept of how the marketing business works at the different social media platforms—Times, audience, hashtags, when, what, how - and so forth. I am truly grateful. Thor

—  Thor Rosland, Actor


how to sell your art on Facebook

IYAD is an outstanding marketing and social network person, capable of developing business and engagement at high standards. The kind of guy who convinces via questions and makes you reflect on his observations. It’s a pleasure to work with him!

—  Jordi Aguilar, Abstract Artist


get more art followers as an artist

As a professional artist, I want to focus on making artwork instead of spending hours on marketing and social media. With the help of Art Rewards, it is all much easier. IYAD gives me advice and tips to reach the right audience. His approach is quick, professional and personal and works really well. I can heartily recommend his service to anyone!

—  Elise Eekhout,



best art hashtags to use on Instagram

I have been working with Iyad for some time now; as an artist, I need to focus on my art and not on my work's entire virtualisation process. Today there are several platforms, and it is quite exhausting and difficult to achieve specific objectives. Iyad is an expert on the subject and specializes in artists with experience and dedication. He greatly relieves my work, and also, I know that I am working with someone who knows the subject. Straightforward and personal communication makes it really a pleasure to work with him. I recommend him 100

—  Jose Montero, Abstract Artist


how to find the best art hashtags for In

Very satisfied with the service. It has really helped me forward and gives a lot of feedback and suggestions for improvement using Instagram. Got perfect tips, swift communication. Also, the quality of followers is outstanding. I am happy with this.

—  Peter Foesters,

     Abstract Artist


I developed extensive experience with art audience demographics, Instagram/Facebook algorithms, API, ads, and audience research.

Over the years, I have helped artists, companies, brands, and influencers to increase their potential on Facebook and Instagram.

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