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Alexandra Hülbach

Alexandra Hülbach



Alexandra Hülbach

I am a "wanderer. “

My art is like my nature. I am somewhat restless and always looking for something new.

So I always try myself out anew. I file in different styles, but all have one thing in common; my works are always multi-layered and transparent with many levels.  

My works demand an active viewer; my effort is that my results are not prominent; the complexity of the pieces requires a close look and a "feel inside", a viewing from different block angles.


The view must be sharpened in each case, so the picture opens up to the viewer. But it also has something to do with one's own "being", and the reflections of the surface of the Plexiglas or the mirror-like resins include the viewer in work. It becomes part of it.

And so everyone perceives the painting differently.

„Pictures must be miraculous. Mark Rothko

Abstract "Landscape Paintings

Even though I give many of my abstract works a title, it is more of a subtext for me- whoever looks at my paintings should analyze & feel the work for themselves.


The abstraction should show the essence of what I see or feel. This can also be based on something realistic, e.g. the sea - I paint but then no waves or water, I paint what it is for me, what it stands for: summer, freedom, relaxation, endless expanse;

Alexandra Hülbach

The sky is not just blue & clouds, but power, the power to give us life through the sun, water, and air.


I paint the feeling, the gratitude and the happiness that I feel and sometimes the "anger" and the power that a storm reveals to us.

I am then not the conductor; I do not interpret; I create like a composer, something that triggers it in me. The creative process is at least as necessary as the finished work.

"A painting is not a picture of an experience; it is an experience. "-Mark Rothko.

"My works are colour spaces without narrowness, whose end of the story is left open to leave space for the viewer. Art is as diverse and as personal as a diary."





  • 2013 City Hall Gallery Lindenthal; Cologne

  • 2015 City Hall Gallery Lindenthal, Cologne ; Streetgallery Cologne/ Art Mile Cologne, „ Rodenkirchner Kunstmeile“, Mülheimer Night  at  Kunstwerk

  • 2016 City Hall Gallery Lindenthal, Cologne, Streetgallery Cologne/ Art Mile Cologne

  • 2017 City Hall Gallery Lindenthal, Cologne, Streetgallery Cologne/ Art Mile Cologne, Mülheimer Night  at  Kunstwerk

  • 2018 City Hall Gallery Lindenthal, Cologne

  • 2019 Streetgallery, group exhibition Kunsthalle Lindenthal, Museum Night, Cologne.

  • 2019 Kunstmeile Rodenkirchen, Streetgallery; Galerie 80, Berlin

  •  2020/21 Streetgallery, group exhibition Kunsthalle Lindenthal,

  • 2021 Digital exhibition "Into the Blue"

  • 2021 Art Berlin: Woman in Art/Gallery Z- contemporary 17.9.-24.9.21

  • 2022: Permanent exhibition CIO University Hospital Cologne

  • 2022 Thomson Gallery, Zug

  • 2022 Gallery Lelie Galerij, Amsterdam, Artbox project

  • 2022: Urbanside Gallery Zurich Artpoxproject

  • 2022 Venice Biennale: digital Artbox Project

  • 2022: The Stagegallery: 17.3 .2022 Vernissage for Back in Black, St Apernstrasse Cologne,

  • KWM- Galerie, Cologne, Palma Artbox project



1989/90 Study of law, University of Cologne, the autodidactic  study of art

1995/96 Paris

1996 South Africa

2001 study of art "Cologne painting school"

Since 2009  nude studies and free painting with Gaby Ludwig


  • 2013-2015 Hospital Hohenlind, Cologne

  • 2015 Dr Lung & Partner Cologne

  •  2018: ATP Meerbusch

  • 2018 Commissioned work for the paediatric cardiology department of the University Hospital Cologne

  •  2019 Streetgallery Cologne

  • 2020/2021/2022  Streetgallery Cologne;  Art Mile Cologne, „ Rodenkirchner Kunstmeile“ Cologne

  • 2022 Gallery Weekend Berlin: Solo Exhibition Gallery Malina,

  • 2021/2022  "Diversity" Cardiology Schäfer- Wiedemann and Haberkorn Butendeich

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