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Alan Chac



oslo art gallery

Alan Chac is a 35-year-old artist from Argentina who is currently based in Aarhus, Denmark. His artistic journey began in Argentina, where he discovered his photographic style which he calls 'night photography'. He captures sharp neon lights of Buenos Aires in his photographs.


Alan's chosen medium is acrylic and oil on canvas, which he uses to create captivating colors that tell stories of life and connection. He has crafted a series of paintings named "Couples," which delve into the intricate dynamics between people, blurring the lines between reality and abstraction. This creates a dynamic between the viewer and the painting, inviting them to think about who the characters are and where they come from.


Alan draws inspiration from people he has met throughout his life in Argentina, Denmark, and other places he has traveled to. He finds inspiration in people who have character and personality and who are not afraid to be themselves. He believes that being honest and true to oneself is fantastic.

Through his art, Alan tries to show the personality of the people who inspire him through colors. He is honest with his color selection and tries to feel which color needs to be next to the other.


The characters Alan brings to life on canvas exist in a realm between the familiar and the extraordinary. The skin tones and clothing hues resist conventions, casting aside expectations and embracing uniqueness. This intentional departure from the ordinary is at the core of Alan's mission to evoke emotions, provoke contemplation, and ignite dialogues.

oslo art gallery

Alan's artistic expressions are a reflection of not only his subjects but also his own life's narrative. Each brush stroke adds depth and meaning to the canvas, as he masterfully conveys the essence of the human emotions and experiences that inspire him. Alan's passion for art is not merely a hobby, it is a way of life that he has conscientiously cultivated over the years. His artistic process is a blend of technical mastery and creative vision, resulting in pieces that are both visually stunning and emotionally evocative. Alan's dedication to his craft is a testament to his unwavering commitment to the arts, and his work serves as an inspiration to aspiring artists worldwide. but a way of life.

Francis Bacon and Edward Hopper are two artists who have significantly influenced Alan's art style. From Bacon, Alan has drawn inspiration from his fearless exploration of the human form and his ability to convey intense emotions through distorted and unconventional representations. This resonates with Alan's 'Couples' series, where he seeks to capture the complexity of relationships by blending human and alternative elements. Like Bacon, Alan is interested in pushing the boundaries of perception and challenging viewers to engage with the unexpected.

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