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Abol Bahaddori



Abol Bahadori is an award-winning artist who specializes in multimedia and colorist techniques. He is based in the United States and has showcased his vibrant abstract and surreal works in numerous national and international solo and group exhibitions. Bahadori's multicultural upbringing, from Iran to France, England to the United States, has influenced his artistic practice, which is evident in his use of bright colors and kaleidoscopic elements. With a strong background in both textile and graphic design, Bahadori relies on his intuition to create spontaneously. He combines traditional painting with digital art, using innovative layering techniques, resulting in a unique artistic expression.

Artist Statement

"As humans, we see the world through our eyes, which have a limited range of colors and depth perception. But what if we had compound eyes like insects or sonar abilities like dolphins, or even used our sense of smell and other senses to perceive the world around us? This idea fascinates me as an artist because it explores the space between the known and the unknown.


To me, art is a gateway to the subconscious, and color is the key that unlocks it. My artistic process is a spiritual journey through the colors that I perceive, much like a composer hears notes in their head. This process is spontaneous and happens beyond the realm of self and intellect. Forms arise to represent these colors. I consider myself a medium, rather than just an artist, because my goal is to provide the observer (and myself) with access to the forgotten or unknown. My art is only successful when each viewer sees their own story in it and makes a deeper connection to themselves and the universe."




  • VA—VIEW INTERVIEW >“Perspectives”, June 2021—The Art League, Alexandria,

  • March-May 2017—Artomatic Art Fair 2017, Crystal City, Arlington, VA

  • April–September 2013—DESI Gallery, Pentagon City, Arlington, VA

  • May 20, 2012—Aaron Gallery, Washington, DC to help fight leukemia and lymphoma

  • February 2011—PEPCO Edison Place Gallery, Washington, DC with more than 85 paintings on display




  • The Art League, Alexandria, VA

  • Arlington Artist Allience

  • The Del Ray Artisans, Alexandria, VA

  • Hirshhorn Gallery, Smithsonian, Washington, DC

  • National Gallery of Art, Washington, DC

  • Philadelphia Museum of Art, PA

  • The Phillips Collection, Washington, DC

  • Washington Project for the Arts, Washington, DC


  • 2009–Present—The Art League School, Alexandria, VA

  • 2010–Present—The Studio Arts, Smithsonian Associates, Washington, DC

  • 2012—Fine Arts Work Center Summer Camp, Provincetown, MA



  • M.S., Digital Application Design for Textiles,
    The University of Manchester, Manchester, England, UK

  • B.A., Fine Arts and Textile Design and Technology,
    The University of Manchester, Manchester, England, UK



  • November 2023—The Art League Award for Best in Show by
    juror Chelsey Luster, The Art League, Alexandria, VA.

  • May 2023—Selected as an honorary member by the
    Torpedo Factory Artcenter, Alexandria, VA, USA

  • May 2022—Awarded with Honorable Mention by Eliot Dudik, the
    juror of The Art League, Alexandria, VA for “Renaissance”

  • 2020—Selected for 2021 Solo Show by The Art League, Alexandria, VA

  • October 2020—Awarded with Honorable Mention by Raymond Padron,
    the juror of the Art League’s October 2020 Open Exhibit for “Bosons”

  • April 2020—Selected by Washington Project for the Arts
    (WPA) for its prestigious Annual Auction Gala

  • December 2019—The Art League Award for Best in Show by juror
    Matthew T. McLaughlin, The Art League, Alexandria, VA,

  • June 2018—Anne Banks Award for Best in Show by juror Liza Key Strelka, The Art League, Alexandria, VA, READ INTERVIEW >

  • April 2018—Equal Merit Award by The Art League, Alexandria, VA

  • April 2018—Selected by Washington Project for the Arts for the
    New York-Richmond Auction Gala staged in Washington, DC

  • March 2015—Evelyn Turner Best of the Show Award for Abstraction by juror Carlton Fletcher The Art League READ INTERVIEW >

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